How to (short)

  1. Create or apply at an existing clan (tab “All clans”).
  2. Click on a territory to attack a territory.
  3. After attacking an enemy’s territory you can schedule a match with all involved clans.
  4. On the scheduled date play a match of Subsiege against all participating clans and take a screenshot of the score screen after the match.
  5. On the website report the result of the match and add the screenshot.
  6. The winner of the match gets the highest score. The other players’ score adapts according to their placement in the match. Example: With 2 participating clans, the winner clan (1st place) earns a score of 2 and the second place earns a score of 1
  7. The community admin will verify your result if at least another team has confirmed the result using the comments.
  8. After the confirmation the territory owners change accordingly.

Scheduling a match

  1. Suggest a time for the match when attacking a territory via the attack prompt
  2. If any of the parties cannot participate at one of those dates, this clan has to try to find a fitting date for everyone using the comment function.
  3. If no better date can be found, the original date stays.
  4. All clans who do not participate in the match once the match date comes receive 0 score.
  5. Stay fair!

Attacking a territory

  • If a clan does not own a single territory (e.g. directly after creating the clan), the clan can attack exactly one territory (independent of its location) to get a start territory.
  • Only clans of at least two members can claim a territory on the map
  • Occupied territories can be claimed by winning a match against the current territory holders
  • Clans can only claim territories that are adjacent to territories which already “owned” by the clan
  • An unoccupied territory can be occupied by any clan (independent from where the clan’s territory is located)