About Subsiege

Subsiege is a unique, new mix of RTS and MOBA. It connects ingenuity of different tactics with resource management and coordination of several units. Multitasking is highly required!
Control your submarine squad, consisting of up to six units of choice. MOBA-like abilities will assure your survival in a post-apocalyptic underwater world.
Defend your territory and resources in combats with up to twelve players and monsters of the deep sea – alone or in a duo. In Subsiege, you will be fighting to the bitter end, until either all enemies are defeated or their oxygen ran out.


  • Thrilling 12-player matches: Gain the upper hand in combat and sustain matches with up to 12 players. Prevail over your enemies through strategic unit movements over the arena-like map.
  • Fight for resources and oxygen: Every minute under water isn’t just a fight for resources but a race against time as well due to constant oxygen loss. Hunt down enemies and monsters in order to secure crystals and Elinium gas to upgrade your ships.
  • Coop-mode: Charge into the fight with your friends. Shared oxygen and a joint base will make moral teamwork the greatest key to success.
  • Upgrade system and MOBA-like abilities: Unlock upgrades and abilities for your units and master them in combat. Combine different units and abilities for the ultimate battle strategy.
  • Stunning underwater world: Dive into the depths of the oceans and use your environment to your advantage. Plan ambushes in billowing corals and seaweeds or drive your enemies into the clutches of ravenous monsters of the deep sea.


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Platforms: PC

Release Date: 8th March 2017 (Early access)

Icebird Studios

Headup Games GmbH & Co KG