Subsiege Tournament Weekend

Hey everybody,

After the amazing Gamescom, we submerged ourselves into the extremely helpful feedback you guys provided us with and tried to push the game even further. Now, with a lot of improvements and new features, we want to give you the chance to experience all the changes yourself!

In short

As a special thank you for your constructive feedback, we are opening the Subsiege servers to all players on 19th and 20th of November.

We are even giving out awesome prizes to the winners of this weekend’s tournament!
A big thank you to the guys from the awesome 360 esport magazine for the generous sponsorship.

If you do not have a Subsiege key already, you can request your free Steam key here. Just answer the participation question with “360esport”.

What is new?

Since the Gamescom the team worked really hard on a bunch of new features. Going into detail for all of them would probably be too much, but I at least want to elaborate on the most exciting updates:

More skill shots

A lot of you stated, that you would love to have more skill based abilities, which have to be aimed, like in MOBA games. So, we revised our existing abilities and also added new aiming and timing heavy abilities to create an interesting challenge for all skilled players.

Two completely new units

To make the game even more diverse, we created two completely new units, with additional abilities. The units will be revealed in the tournament on 19th/20th of November for the first time ever, and you can be the first taking advantage of their ulti-like abilities. Here is the silhouette of one of the mighty units.

In-depth upgrade system

The most exciting feature will be the new upgrade system, which allows you to upgrade your units the way you like. You can freely customize every unit and fit it to your strategy. This does not only mean, that you are improving the unit’s stats, but it also allows you to choose between multiple abilities for the same unit type.

The “Saviour” for example can now be upgraded to absorb armor from an enemy unit and shift the armor to an own or a team mate’s unit…

…or equip the “Biometric pulse” ability upgrade to heal all units in an area.

Much much more

And there is so much more to discover, like reviving your dead units, the new ranking system, the huge improvements to the readability of the map, the boss creep with his abilities, a brand new singleplayer tutorial, etc. So, check it out!
We are always happy to hear your opinion and take your feedback into account. So, feel free to share your thoughts on our community page. You can also read more about our planned features there already.


Better late than never: Gamescom impressions

First of all: Thanks to all of you guys stopping by at our massive booth in Hall 10.1, which simply looked amazing thanks to the help of our generous sponsor Teamspeak. Thanks for making all of this happen, guys!
Not only could we proudly present Subsiege on 10 PCs, beautifully themed with underwater algae, but also host daily Subsiege tournaments on the big Teamspeak stage.

The teams from the crowd really gave each other a hard time, and the winners took home some pretty nice prizes. And especially the two professional eSport teams Playing ducks and MadCorps were fiercly fighting for the win. Check out the video.

And after the amazing show, everything had to be teared down and boxed again, until it will surface again next year 🙂

Thanks a lot for your amazing support so far. We’ll see you on the Subsiege servers on 19th/20th of November!

Keep calm and play on 🙂

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