A gamescom recap

Hey everybody,

Dust has settled, everybody has returned from their rightfully earned past-Gamescom holiday and we are nearly finished going through the massive amount of feedback you guys provided us with during the Gamescom week. But, before we will let you know of the improvements we will be adding to Subsiege due to all your feedback, let’s just take a step back and recap the amazingly uplifting Gamescom.

First of all: Thanks to all you guys stopping by at our massive booth in Hall 10.1, which just looked amazing through the help of our generous sponsor Teamspeak. Thanks for making it all happen, guys!

Not only could we proudly present Subsiege on 10 PCs, beautifully themed with underwater algae, but also host daily Subsiege tournaments on the big Teamspeak stage.

The teams from the crowd really gave each other a hard time, and the winners took home some pretty nice prices. And especially the two professional eSport teams Playing ducks and MadCorps were fiercly fighting for the win. Check out the video.

Gamescom was a lot of fun and we had a blast talk to a lot of you and hearing your opinion on Subsiege, so we are more motivated than ever to push underwater warfare to its limit.

A lot of you stated, that you would love to have more skill based based abilities, which have to be aimed, like in MOBA games. So, we started to revise our existing abilities to allow skilled players to use them more effectively and also are adding new abilities to the game very soon.

Currently we are also working on a new unit with a very powerful ulti-like ability, which will be playable very soon. Have a guess, which specialities it will have:

We are still happy to hear your opinion and take your feedback into account. So, feel free to share your thoughts on our community page. Thanks for your support!



… and after the amazing show, everything had to be teared down and boxed again, until it will submerge again next year 🙂

… keep calm and play on 🙂