Subsiege 65% off

Ahoy fellow commanders and pilots!

The new season just started. The leaderboards were reset and we celebrate this with a heavy price reduction. Until the 26th of May you can get Subsiege for only 10 bucks! Additionally, we will start off the new season with the “Subsiege Championship” (20th of May) tomorrow. On top of that, we have a brand-new video for you, revealing more information about the world and backstory of Subsiege. But one thing at a time …

Subsiege is 65% off now!

To celebrate the “Subsiege Championship” and as part of the “Headup Games Publisher Week”, you can get Subsiege for a highly reduced price of $10.49 / 9.79 € / 8.05 £. Until the 26th of May, you save 65% on the original price. So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy and chop your opponents up into fish bait!

Watch the new story video

The climatic disaster, overpopulation and extensive consumption have resulted in the depletion of all natural resources on the continents. Now, the last resources on earth lay 30.000ft below the ocean surface.
An underwater resource war broke out – with you as a commanding officer right in the middle of it. Your mission: Secure the earth’s last resources in the embattled deep-sea … and don’t wet yourself.

18 champions battling for victory

Because of so many applications, we changed the group phase from 2v2 to 2v2v2. The Championship takes place on Saturday the 21st of May and will start at 6pm UTC+2 with the first match up. After three rounds, the best three teams from the group phase will fight in a Free For All match to determinate the competitors for the small podium and the finalists. The finals will go down at approximately 10pm UTC+2.

Watch the moderator Defender833 on his channel or join one of the 18 participating streamers on their channel, so you won’t miss a match of the underwater mayhem.

Please find more information about the tournament here

Enjoy the fresh season and game on!