Win 500$ with the new Subsiege League Matchtimer

Hello Commander!

Our men report about an increased difficulty to meet up for matches in-game. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Today, we are launching the Subsiege League Webpage to make it easier for you to create clans and challenge other players.

To celebrate the launch of the liga page and the upcoming release of Subsiege we’re holding a tournament! From today until March, 26th you’ll have the chance to win up to 500$!

Warm up and get ready

The tournament will be split into two stages. First, you can train and qualify for a free entry to the Early Access phase in our warm-up stage that ends on March, 6th. The second stage is “World Domination” and starts together with the early access launch.

Prizes warm-up
  • 2 keys for the full version of the game for every clan that holds at least one territory

Strive for world domination

The clan with the most owned territories on 26th of March (midnight UTC-8) wins the “Subsiege World Domination” award.

Prizes “World Domination”
  • 1st place: 500,- $
  • 2nd place: 200,- $
  • 3rd place: 100,- $
  • 5x 20,-$ will be raffled among all clans who at least control one territory

Play the closed beta – get a head start

All players with a valid copy of Subsiege are permitted to participate. This also includes players with a Closed Beta key. Registration is now open an can be done directly at the Subsiege League Page.

  • The tournament is split into two stages
    • The warm-up ends on 6th of March with 2 keys for every clan that holds a territory in 1st place.
    • “Subsiege World Domination” ends on 26th of March (midnight UTC-8). The clans that hold the most territorries win the “Subsiege world domination” award and the prize money that comes along with it.
  • You can get your Closed Beta key here
  • Further information

Gather your friends, arm your ships and get ready to fight for the best resource claim!

See you ingame!

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