What is Subsiege – in one sentence?

Subsiege is a tactical survival game about – well, apparently about surviving in a dangerous underwater world.

Tactical … what?

Lovable hero units like Dota, tactical fighting like Starcraft and all of that without waiting times for matches– that’s how we like to describe the term “tactical survival game”.
Players fight other players with their customized army to steal oxygen from each other to survive longer than everybody else in the game. In the meta-game the players can unlock, upgrade and choose the right unit types for the next match.

Nice, will it be possible to be a part of the gameplay tests?

Of course, Subsiege would be nothing without you – we love to hear what you think about the game! We will announce the gameplay tests early enough for you to send us an application for a key. Keep an eye on the common platforms or even better, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss any news about Subsiege.

I heard the game would be released with a Linux and Mac version, too?

Yes, but we will launch the PC version first. We want to do a stable PC version first …Linux and Mac will follow later on, since a game that’s running fine on PC is not necessarily working on Linux or Mac – but we also don’t want you to have to wait ages for the first release.