Subsiege Tournament Weekend

After the amazing Gamescom, we submerged ourselves into the extremely helpful feedback you guys provided us with and tried to push the game even further. Now, with a lot of improvements and new features, we want to give you the chance to experience all the changes yourself! As a special thank you for your constructive feedback, we are opening the …


Headup Games is publishing Subsiege

Headup Games announces in cooperation with the Munich-based Icebird Studios the signing of an exclusive publishing agreement. In the course of the cooperation, Subsiege will be released in early 2017 on STEAM. A precise date will follow soon. Subsiege – previously known as Submerge – is an online strategy game based on the Unreal Engine which requires skilled controls and …


Play test change log 9th May 2015

GAME DESIGN reduced manacosts higher mana-regeneration outside battle very high mana-regeneration inside the base stronger neutral creeps TECH two new units implemented new / updated abilities Shock (Activation stuns all opponent units) Pulse (Activation sends 4 healing waves that heal all friendly units nearby) Blitz (Activation teleports the unit forward and shortly back to the old position) Emp Bomb (Activation …


First Submerge play test

Guys, it’s on! The test is limited to a small amount of users. Don’t worry if you don’t get a key, we will be doing this more often. Within the next weeks we’ll try to provide you with every information necessary on the event but if you have further questions just contact us or best: share you questions and open …


[April fools] Introducing the breeding system

We already told you a lot about Submerge, but today it’s time to show you some of our metagame features: The breeding system. To breed biological units, you need at least two pets. Pets can be found in the battlefield like normal resources, but are very rare to find. Once you have collected a pet, you need to raise it. …


FFF Funding for Submerge

Icebird Studios recently received a funding from the FFF Bayern for our Tactical Survival Game Submerge. The funding secures the next stages of Submerge’s development process. “Submerge” is a fast paced, tactical survival game with main focus on thrilling multiplayer matches. It combines the player’s passion for Hero Units from “Dota” with the beloved tactical fighting and moving behaviors from “Starcraft” …